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Budget plan for the ASEM13 Side Events readies as the summit draws close

In the afternoon of 21 September 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Cambodia held via videoconference a disucssion session on the budget plan of the national organizing committee of the ASEM13, chaired by H.E. Mr. NHIM Khemra, Secretary of State of the MFA.IC and the Deputy Head of the Finance Sub-Committee of the ASEM13 and H.E. Mrs. EAT Sorphea, Secretary of State of MFA.IC and Head of the Side-Event Sub Committee of the ASEM13.


Progress Meeting of the AEEBF1, presided over by Minister PAN Sorasak

In the afternoon of 30 August 2021, the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia held a virtual meeting, under the chairmanship of His Excellencyt PAN Sorasak, Minister of Commerce, to review the progress of the organization of AEEBF1. The meeting was attended virtually by all members of the organizing commissions of the AEEBF1 with the aim to check and review the progress on the arrangement of all sub-committee of the AEEBF1, given the event is drawing closer.

To begin with, his excellency Minister welcomed and stated that the Kingdom of Cambodia is planning to host the “13th Asia-Europe Summit” in mid-November 2020, but due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 which has been continually spreading globally, the preparatory process of the summit and other side events was forced to to be postponed to November 25-26, 2021 via video. In particular, the AEEBF1 is one of the seven side events of the ASEM13 Summit, which was in charge by the Ministry of Commerce. The forum will be held on November 24, 2021 via video as well as the ASEM Summit.

The forum, as mentioned by his excellency minister, is an opportunity for business leaders from Asia and Europe to interact as well as to share and discuss issues related to trade and investment. It is also a forum for political leaders from both continents to exchange view on the shared current and future challenges in order to promote the economic growth, trade, investment and development of all countries in both Asia-Europe.

Afterwards, his excellency Minister provided an opportunity for all excellencies, heads of each working group to report on the progress of their work. The Secretariat team is working on the website development, making relevant documents as well as extending invitations to all proposed panelists, who are well expected for the event, via all partners, embassies and chambers of commerce of Asia and Europe. The protocol and logistics team, meanwhile, is progressively working the logistical aspects of the event organization including floor plan, event flows, technical arrangement as well as other necessary sanitory mesaures to curb the risks of covid-19 infections during the event.

Finally, His Excellency Minister concluded the meeting and commended all the organizing commissions who have worked hard to fulfill their respective tasks in achieving this noble tasks. In addition, the Minister strongly hopes that the first Asia-Europe Economic and Business Forum will proceed smoothly and successfully.

ASEM13’s Side Events Reports Good Progresses as Summit Draws Close

On the morning of 27 August 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation virtually hosted a progress meeting to discuss and review progress of the preparation and organization of the 13th Asia-Europe Summit (ASEM13) and its side events. The meeing was co-headed by His Excellency LUY David, Secretary of State of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Her Excellency EAT Sorphea, Secretary of State of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


The meeting reviewed the progress of the side events’ preparation as the summit draws close, and discussed on further arrangements of each side events that need to be further coordinated respectively. Her Excellency TEKRETH Karang, Secretary of State, and His Excellency SAMHENG Bora, Under-Secretary of State of the Ministry of Commerce briefly reported positive progress of the AEEBF1 and informed the meeting of the tasks currently in hand.

Upon hearing updates on the progress of the AEEBF1, the meeting appreciated the organizing commission and looked forward to a successful organization of the AEEBF1.