Minister PAN Sorasak Presided Over the Progress Meeting of the AEEBF1

On the morning of 12 January 2021, His Excellency PAN Sorasak, Minister of Commerce and the Head of the Organizing Commission of the AEEBF1, honorably presided over the progress meeting on the preparation of the AEEBF1 at the Ministry of Commerce.

His Excellency provided instructions to his colleagues on substantial contents made in necessary documents as well as on other media, logistical and financial arrangement of the the AEEBF1.

With high commends extended to all colleagues, His Excellency Minister emphasized the importance of the Asia-Europe Economic and Business Forum as one of the seven side events of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). He further stressed that the AEEBF1 will be an important forum for cooperation between regions which provides also many benefits to Cambodia, such as good opportunities to enhance the image on the international stage as well as opportunities to strengthen bilateral cooperation between Cambodia and other members through high-level meetings of the ASEM process and to promote cooperation in specific areas for Cambodia’s economic development, including trade, investment, tourism and culture.

In addition, the meeting also contributes to the development of Cambodia’s human resources in both the public and private sectors and to promote people-to-people exchanges in a context where Asia-Europe is increasingly interconnected.

His Excellency further notified that the Asia-Europe Summit is a forum for dialogue and cooperation between Asia and Europe, focusing on strengthening partnerships, promoting peace and security, and promoting sustainable socio-economic development.